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Chef de cuisine, Cuisinier, Manager.

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Sexe : Femme.
Date de naissance : Le 03 Janvier 1973 (48 ans).
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Département : 06 - Alpes-Maritime (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur)
Code postal : 10123
Ville : Torino
Pays : Italie
Nationalité : Italienne
Enfants : Aucun
Mobilité géographique : Oui, internationale
Permis de conduire : Oui

Langues : Italien, Anglais

Lettre de motivation et informations complémentaires
After gaining experience in different countries, I help hotels, resorts and independent restaurants in
the management and coordination of kitchens and staff.
I am passionate about the catering sector but also the commercial and marketing aspects associated
with it.
Methodical and organized, with strong leadership, team spirit, they are able to build and connect
teams from different backgrounds in order to achieve defined goals.
My managerial and operational skills in cost management combined with a true sense of service and
customer focus make me a key element in daily operations.

As Executive Chef I have::
 developed new menus and 4,000 customized recipes to concepts
 overhauled the production lines, reduced preparation times by 50%
 analyzed food cost and warehouse turnover, reduced waste by 3%
 organized banquets for private and public events and gala evenings (about 200 per year)
 designed layout and set-up in hotels, restaurants and suggestive locations (beaches and
 exceeded the annual turnover target of 14% for 3 consecutive years
 supervised and trained team of 15 chefs, implemented a program to reduce onboarding by
Expériences professionnelles
Luxury Hotels & Resorts from 2020

 Managed restaurant, room service, banquet service, haccp, 1,500 guests per service
 Planned menus, purchases, budgets with 1:1 inventory rotation index
 Developed the team, working time brigade management, saved 15 hours a week
 Organized major events, gala dinners, 2.000 guests per event

HEAD CHEF Cannes, France
IHG Hotels & Resorts from 2021 to 2021
Holiday Inn * * * *

 Managed 8 lines for events
 Planned menus, purchases, budgets with 1:1 inventory rotation index
 Lines developed, production times reduced

HEAD CHEF Turin, Italy
Aroma Coffee Bistrot from 2015 to 2018

 Managed budget € 180,000 with cost reduction of 10% for 3 years
 Operational program designed to reduce waste by 30% in 3 years
 Introduced the banquet service for events (about 200 per year)
 Guided and trained 15 chefs, working time brigade management
Turnover + 14%

HEAD CHEF Sicilia, Emilia Romagna, Puglia, Italy
Commercial Catering from 2003 to 2015

 Generated 2 monthly menus, with detailed executive descriptions
 Revised and adapted to the concepts, about 4,000 recipes of Italian and Mediterranean
 Implemented banqueting service for events (about 120 per year)
 Guided and trained groups of 6/12 chefs, 50% on boarding reduction implemented, scheduled
working hours
Turnover + 10%

HEAD CHEF & Food Technology Gela, Italy
Confcommercio Gela from 2002 to 2003

 food processing and safety, critical points, examined 700 students in 2 years
 food management, shelf-life, types of packaging, 4 main preservation methods
 carbohydrates, fibers, fats, proteins, nutritional value, 2 types of metabolism
HACCP Venezia, Italy
Alimentaria sep. 2020

FOOD STAFF Castellaneta, Italy
Bilateral Tourism Authority of Puglia 2018

BAKERY BASES: common bread, wholemeal, bagels Turin, Italy
Cooking School “La palestra del cibo” - Chef Sergio M. Teutonico

University of Study of Palermo 25 october 2001

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